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Jalan2 ke pasar malam

Hr ni hr senayan (isnin) so kena pg pasar malam cari stock seminggu. Aku bukan gemar sgt ke situ sbb org jalan mengensot. Nak bersembang pun tgh jalan, dah la sempit. Aku lemas kalau org jln lambat2 nih sbb aku jln laju. Laki aku lambat, anak lambat, kna tinggal.

Semenjak 2 menjak ni aku tgk harga ikan bkn main mahal lg. For today sama mcm last wk semua ikan start frm RM9 xcept ikan apa ntah yg aku beli tadi rm8. Tu nak buat stok ikan goreng utk bos. Ikan lain yg dibeli = ikan pari & ikan tenggiri. Anak den dah oda ikan pari msk asam dgn gulai ikan tenggiri. Harus diet ketat aku bakal gagal lg ini mgu. Rasanya dah 3 mgu tak buat gulai lomak cili api ni tp kat rmh aku takde hal punya sbb khwin campur. If dua dua org nogori aku rasa menu wajib dah tu. Try to avoid it lah as much as possible bcoz of the santan.

Thn lps lama gak aku tak menjengah pasar mlm bcoz bekalan ikan aku dibeli drpd someone yg berniaga kat rmh. Harga dia a little bit less dlm rm4 gitu tp tak boleh potong2 kna amik sekor terus. Tu yg kekadang dpt ikn merah spai 4 kilo lbh. Bila dia spai je kami cik kiah ni pakat berebut la, holor tgn je, tak nmpak pun ikannnya. Kalau yg menunggu tu lelaki alamat dpt lebihan je la. Tapi skrg org tu dah tk jual ikn2 lg, tak tau la pasai apa, dah kaya kot. But I noticed dia jual ikan2 yg quite expensive w/pun the price is cheaper frm kedai runcit or night mkt. I think if only the husband yg jd breadwinner susah skt cik kiah nak bl ikan mhl2 ni. Semua kna budget oooiiiii… kalau dah sekilo spai 22 hengget sesak napas jugaklah! Bila dia dh ttp kedai aku pn balik ke asal bl kat psr mlm n aku dok mengulang kat 1 gerai ni je nk bg dia kenai muka aku ni lps tu dpt discn. Itupun kalo tokey ada if takde tk dpt lah. Hri ni dia dok puji2 aku, kuat2 pulak tu hampes btl. Toksah dok puji la mmg aku akan beli ikan kat hang je…puji dgn air liur aje nk bt hapa, bg la ikan brg sekilo ke…

Ali pulak nak pucuk paku…nasib bk ada org jual hr ni. Anak2 mkn besar ni selera pn mcm2 cuma yg no 2 tu selera western. Dia yg selalu ckp “asik2 mkn nasi je”…wah wah..aku dulu telan je apa mak aku masak.

Waterfall -Lata Bayu, Kedah, Malaysia

We hv hot weather here in Malaysia, around 37C. That's why waterfall is a popular destination for Malaysian citizen.

There are a few in Kedah, to name a some of it: Lata Bayu, Lata Mengkuang, Lata Bukit Hijau-all in Baling district. Sg Sedim in Kulim. To me Sg Sedim is the best! Activities that can be done here i.e white water rafting, camping, walking on suspension bridge or u can just picnic or if u prefer to overnight u can rent a chalet with minimal cost.

Enjoy malaysia!


Thank god i've a place to disgorge good/bad things in my mind. With intention to remind myself to always be myself.

Years back when i started my career as a clerk i always hv an officer or supervisor above me, to monitor my work and to gv me work to do. During those days U graduate easily hired by any company bcoz of the economic boom in Malaysia.

Sadly some of the 'upper level', sadly to say-female staff, a bit arrogant and hv a show-off attitude due to their paper qualification even though they only hv a diploma. I found this type of people in a few companies that i worked for. They reluctant to do any clerical job like a simple typing (hmm...i've seen my manager typing something while her secretary away). They forgot that whatever knwledge we hv its only a drop in an ocean.

But i take it positively. At the age of 19 i already involved in IPO quietly. Therefor i managed to save some money in early 20's. At the age of 22 we, my fiance (at that time but he wasn't 22) and i bought our 1st house which until now occupied by us with our lovely and naughty children. We scour for money to pay the deposits and lawyers fee without any help from our parents. We even shy to request from them. And the bank, agreed to only gave 80% financial assistant due to our 'little monthly salary'.

If i compare myself now with these 'few people' in some way i'm better than them but educationwise i can't beat them. But i alwys try to improve myself thru reading and short courses which i interested in. I do a lot of readings-not so heavy one- npapers, mgzn, self-help, articles, religious and so on. And not forgetting the gossip mgzne but i never buy it. How i did it? I read the gossip mgnze at the bookstore but i buy the other mgzne to feed my brain! Killing 2 birds with 1 stone.. heheheh..

A reminder for me: A not-so-educated people also hv a dream to reach the sky. And they might reach the moon faster than the other.

A friendly reminder: I'm not rich and succesful yet. Still very far from it.


Have u been to Malaysia? This country is blessed with lots of beautiful beaches and island and friendly people. If u love ecotourism, come to us, enjoy your stay at Terengganu, Sabah, Sarawak (these three states offer the best) and not forgetting the others as well. If u wanted to feel the country life, to see the paddy field and bath in the waterfall u can go to Homestay Kg Lonek or Kg Pelegong in Negeri Sembilan.

Try our local food like Char Kuey Teow (fried flat noodle), Laksa, Ikan masak asam pedas, Curry Mee and many more..Ohh..can't tell u everything bcoz its like food heaven here. When i'm travelling locally or anywhere outside my beloved country i'll try to taste their local food as long as its halal.

The most important thing is, Malaysia is politically STABLE eventhough sometimes we can hear "noises" here and there by the right and left wings. Just ignore them-there are politician anyway- GO! and explore Malaysia!


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