Have u been to Malaysia? This country is blessed with lots of beautiful beaches and island and friendly people. If u love ecotourism, come to us, enjoy your stay at Terengganu, Sabah, Sarawak (these three states offer the best) and not forgetting the others as well. If u wanted to feel the country life, to see the paddy field and bath in the waterfall u can go to Homestay Kg Lonek or Kg Pelegong in Negeri Sembilan.

Try our local food like Char Kuey Teow (fried flat noodle), Laksa, Ikan masak asam pedas, Curry Mee and many more..Ohh..can't tell u everything bcoz its like food heaven here. When i'm travelling locally or anywhere outside my beloved country i'll try to taste their local food as long as its halal.

The most important thing is, Malaysia is politically STABLE eventhough sometimes we can hear "noises" here and there by the right and left wings. Just ignore them-there are politician anyway- GO! and explore Malaysia!


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