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Happy mother's day!

💖 Happy mother's day! 💖

Kepada anak-anakku,

Tidak kan ada manusia lain yang akan menyayangimu sepertiku.

Have u had yr lunch today?

A simple yet delicious! Rice,vege,fish curry with okra n tomato, salted fish, sambal belacan

Mom's official duty

Free from sound of crying, yelling, fighting sometimes a great relief for me. For 2 days all my children stayed at my parents house. They too i believe wanted to be away from me for a while. study time!

But once, i've cried in the kitchen when i came home from work at 11pm with nobody inside. No husband, no children. The life was so empty. Usually, eventhough they've slept, i can see and touch their hair and kiss their face.

For a moment i'm thinking how lonely i will be when my children move out frm our house to pursue their career and more lonely when my husband pass away.

Lets value our family!

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