Don’t damage your home with these bad habits!

Don’t damage your home with these bad habits! Lets check adakah aku terlibat sama?? hoho...

Most of us develop bad household habits or behaviours over time. The real trouble starts when these blunders become habits that cost a lot of money over time. Some behaviours also create safety issues and it will cause long term damage to a property, even lowering it’s value. So, even if you have own a housing development board unit (HDB) located right next to Bukit Batok MRT but if the inside of the house is broken with damages, it will bring the value of your property. Here’s a selection of bad habits that need breaking, pronto.

1) Forgetting to clean out your appliances’ filters
We tend to forget or leave the appliances with filters that needed to be removed and cleaned and failing to do so can cause a drastic performance reduction and your appliances’ lifespan. This is because they are not able to work efficiently and have to work harder which could wear them out quicker and cause them to malfunction. When you are in Singapore, weather tends to be scorching hot and we tend to turn on the air-cond to cool down but if the filter of the air-cond is not clean, you will notice the air is not cooling but warm. So, every few months, do take out the filter for cleaning. Click here to check on how to clean the air-cond filters.

2) Getting rid of of food scraps in the kitchen sink
One of the most common bad habits is the tendency to wash uneaten food scraps down the sink instead of throwing them into the bin when it comes to washing up. There will be food residue that leaves behind as it goes down the pipe and this could pile up over the time but it depends how often you do it. This ‘pile up’ could eventually cause your sink to clog up or your pipes to be blocked which might emit unpleasant smells and costly to fix.

3) Leaving your oven uncleaned
It is very tempting to leave any spills that have occurred during cooking in lieu of diving straight into the meal you have just prepared. However, if failing to clean your oven after cooking, especially if there were any spillages, it is a habit worth breaking. Not only your next meal could be ruin when those spillages start to smoke and burn that have the possibility to lead to an oven fire. In order to be safe, always wipe the inside of your oven after you’ve use and once it has cooled.

4) Flushing stuffs down the toilet bowl
Apart from loo paper, flushing any objects down to the toilet is a big no-no. Toilet paper is designed to break down quickly but things like baby wipes, cotton swabs and household cleaning wipes are often made of woven fibers that do not break down easily once flushed. This means they are often left sitting within the sewerage system without breaking down which could lead to your pipes becoming clogged or even worse, damaging the entire sewerage system.

5) Neglecting paintwork, leaving rust
Apart from being aesthetic function purpose, paint is designed to help protect the surfaces it covers. If you are not in the habit of maintaining your wooden floors for example, it is likely that it could rot and it will be costly to remove the rot. Same goes to the paint, it can help us to prevent rust from the building up on the exterior railings and other metal surfaces. That being said, the temptation to simply paint over a rusted surface is not an advisable long-term solution as the iron oxide in rust stops the coat of paint from sticking and will begin to flake shortly after you are done painting. This means that you will have to start again before you know it.

6) Less frequent gutter cleaning
Singapore is in the tropical area and rainfall is pretty often in the country. Gutter cleaning is needed regularly if not regularly checked and cleaned out especially if you are staying in the landed house in Singapore. An overflowing gutters can easily become blocked causing back flood that often damages roofs’ eaves and in some cases, even the interior of your home. Be sure to clean your gutters at least every three months, and if there’s been heavy rainfall, make sure there are no clogged-up branches and leaves.

Okay, I omit number six because someone will always do it for me 😀 (walaupun kena bebel hehe..). Before you advertise your house for rent or sale, kindly ensure it is cleaned so that the value won't depreciate.

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