Eat.Travel.Write Selangor | Don't Miss It !

Eat Travel Write Selangor IS BACK!

A total of RM5000 to be won! (Cash & Prizes)
For second edition of Eat.Travel.Write Selangor, we would like to invite all walk of ages to join in the trip! To foodies, lets feed your craveness in Selangor with us and enjoy what Selangor has to offer!
Limited space of 40/pax.
RM170 per pax complete for all; stays, transportation, meals and fun!
PM or email : now to book your seats. Participations will be closed on November 20th, 2015.
Kan selalu orang komen "nak ikuuuuuuuuut!" bila nampak kita pos gambar mana-mana destinasi percutian. Well, now here's your chance! Open to everyone. Cost: RM170 je. Accommodation, meals, transport, and activities all in. Boleh makan sampai cemuih. Murah gila. Rugi tak ikut! Seats are limited.
Jalan jalan makan makan tulis tulis... jommm.... yg mana sibuk tanya nak ikut jalan tu hah jom... muka masuk surat khabar masuk tv.. jom laaaa emelkan kepada .
Jom lerrrrr..........!

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