Irresponsible Dive Resort in Semporna !

Irresponsible Dive Resort in Semporna ! | SHAME ON SINGAMATA ADVENTURES AND REEF RESORTS. Some dive companies are simply irresponsible. Singamata Adventures and Reef Resorts in Semporna, Malaysia is a Dive Resort Company that responsible divers should stay away from.

Mari tengok gambar-gambar kezaliman ni.
Captain Paul Watson's photo.
Captain Paul Watson's photo.
Captain Paul Watson's photo.
Captain Paul Watson's photo.
There is no excuse for removing Sea Turtles, clown fish, puffer fish and other species from the sea for the amusement of ecologically ignorant guests.
It is Dive Companies like this that give the Diving Business a bad name. This company boasts that they are an authorized PADI 5 Star Instructor Development Dive Resort. From their Brochure:
“Being an authorized PADI 5 Star Instructor Development Dive Resort, we are ideally equipped to offer a wide range of courses catering to different needs and budgets. Our experienced PADI instructors can help you achieve your goals; whether that is your first, tentative step as an open water diver, or if you fancy taking the plunge and going pro with our PADI Divemaster experience. We also have a dedicated instructor who can teach courses solely for our Chinese customers.”
This abuse was discovered because of photos taken by guests that show the name of the company on their boat.
I am sending off this message to Singamata:
To Singamata Adventures and Reef Resorts.
The attached pictures have been brought to our attention. There is no excuse for illegally handling marine wildlife for the amusement of your guests. This is irresponsible and extremely unprofessional for a PADI authorized Dive Resort.
We will bring this issue to the attention of Project Aware and PADI.
And we would request that you issue a policy statement to your instructors and boat operators to refrain from allowing customers to harass and abuse marine wildlife. Such unethical activities are an insult PADI and to the international diving community.
The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society will issue an advisory to the diving community to be aware that Singamata Adventures and Reef Resorts is an irresponsible company and does not adhere to marine conservation ethics.

Captain Paul Watson
Please feel free to send a note of protest to Singamata at
Singamata Adventures And Reef Resort Sdn Bhd.
Company: 629733 W / KPL: 4635 / MATTA: 2490 / Resort: 2036 / PADI Dive Resort: S21482
Office Location: Sea Fest Complex, Jalan Kastem, Semporna, Sabah, Malaysia.
Mailing address: P O Box 109, 91308, Semporna, Sabah, Malaysia.
Email address :
Phone / Fax no. : +60 89 784 828
hmmm....apa nak jadilah? Orang yang kita harapkan untuk menjaga dan mendidik tentang keindahan alam semulajadi turut sama bersekongkol merosakkannya. Pelancong yang tak sensitif perlu dididik bukannya diikut kehendak mereka untuk menangkap atau melihat dari dekat sehingga membahayakan nyawa hidupan laut tersebut. Gambar ni sedang viral di media sosial sebuah negara. Yang malunya siapa? Malaysia. Tourism Malaysia. 

Kes ni samalah dengan video ikan pari beranak yang siap dengan "subhanallah" "masyaAllah" "keajaiban Tuhan" segala. Ikan dok dalam air le weiii.... sampai mintak nyawa ikan tu.

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